Thursday, December 29, 2016

Eye Related orders rank 8th and Falls rank 5th out of 155 disorders in health costs ranking

According the JAMA of the $2.1T of spending in 2013 costs due to falls ranks at 5th ($76.3B) while sense organ (including eye care - Cataracts, injections for macular degeneration, etc) accounted for over $59B in cost and ranked 8th.  If we could expend an extra $10B giving to give patients better optical correction after their cataract surgery and reduce the expense from falls by $20B that would be a huge success.

Unfortunately as I write this I am on hold with an insurance company trying to get approval for a monocular patient to have polycarbonate (safety) lenses in his glasses.  I am pretty sure the "big picture" is not the focus of big insurance - yet.

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